3-axle semi-trailer tipper Half Pipe

полуприцеп зерновоз
полуприцеп зерновоз


3-axle semi-trailer dumper Half-Pipe (half pipe)

Total technical mass: 38000 kg.
Technically permissible load on a frame of a cadre: 11000 kg.
Technically permissible load on an axle trolley: 27000 kg.

Body size: 24 m3
At the discretion of the customer there are various versions of execution: from 24 to 35 m3
Hydraulic cylinders: Hidmas optional HYVA
Body material: Hardox HB 45 steel
Frame material: Domex steel or analogue
On the front wall is a platform for maintenance of awning. The curtain turns mechanically or on an electric drive.


  • Body size from 24-35 m3
  • The axes are mounted on the SAF Intradisc Plus Integral CD pneumatic suspension
  • Front axle - Lifting
  • Accessories in the brake system - WABCO
  • Disc material - Steel
  • 2-axis telescopic and 2-speed support stands
  • BPW axis installation is available
  • Brake system of Disk or Drum type
  • Acceptable load on the axle is 9 tons
  • Tire size: 386 / 65mm R 22.5
  • It is possible to install Alcoa aluminum disks