6-axle trawl trailer



Low-profile 6-axle trawl trawl

Type of loading: back arrival
Trail for the height of the tractor’s trailer coupling: from 1200 – 1350 mm.

Technically permissible load on the track of a frame: 22000 kg.
Technically permissible load on an axle trolley: 72000 kg.

Length of the working platform (lower platform): from 9500 mm to 12000 mm.
At the discretion of the customer, there are various options for running the length of the working platform
The total length of the semi-trailer with the length of the working platform is 9500 mm: 13500 mm.
The option of telescopic extension of the platform from 3000 mm to 6000 mm is optional.

Standard platform width: 2550 mm (with expanders 3150 mm)
Optionally possible is not the standard execution of the width of the platform:
– 2750 mm with beam extensions up to 3350 mm.
– 3000 mm with beam extension up to 3600 mm.


  • 2-rung mounting of coupling pin
  • Rings for fastening of cargo on both sides, on 8 pcs
  • Telescopic platform expanders in each side, 300 mm.
  • Axles: 1st turning, 2nd turning, 3rd fixed, 4th fixed, 5th turning, 6th turning
  • Osman-Koch axes are optional for SAF
  • Disc material - Steel
  • Two telescopic support stands - 2 speeds
  • Extenders of the platform on both sides, 8 pc
  • Rails (rappels), 1st and 2nd compound
  • Brake system - Drum type
  • Technically permissible load on the axle - 12 tons
  • In the brake system components - WABCO
  • Tires and wheels: 245 / 75mm R 17.5 or 245 / 70mm R 17.5 - 13 pcs.