3-axle semi-trailer for transportation of LPG gases


3-axle semi-trailer for transportation of LPG gases – Gas carrier

The tank is made in the volume – 45 m3
Own weight: 11500 kg.

The production of a tanker in the volume from 35 m3 to 50 m3 and above is available.
The form of the tank is Cylindrical.

Bottom valve REGO with pneumatic or hydraulic drive.
Material of the flask is steel MAKSTEEL P 460 or steel P 355.
Optionally, a pump for LPG Parker, Blackmer with hydraulic drive, mechanical or Coriolis meter MICRO MOTION CORIOLIS is available.
The European certificate ADR is available as an option.

The technological cabinet is made of stainless steel. Located on the right side of the vessel, between the support device and the front axle of the trolley.


  • The axles are mounted on the pneumatic sub-base of the SAF Intradisc Integral CD
  • Front axle - Lifting
  • The brake system uses components - WABCO
  • It is possible to install ALCOA aluminum disks
  • The installation of BWP axes is available.
  • Brake system of Disk or Drum type
  • The permissible axle load is 9 tons
  • Tire size 386 / 65mm R 22.5
  • Material of discs - Steel