3-axle semi-trailer for the transportation of bulk goods – Combiform (Mukovoz)

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3-axle semi-trailer for the transport of bulk goods – Combine feeder (Mukovoz)

The tank is made in volume – 40 m3
Production of tanks in volume from 30 m3 to 45 m3 and above is available optionally.
The shape of the tank is W-Type Millennium

Chassis material – ST 52 steel.
The flask material is Strenx or ST 52.
Application of a special food paint to the interior of the tank.
Production of Alcoa aluminum tanks is available optionally.

Optional compressor installation with both diesel and electric drive.
Productivity of compressors from 7500 m3 / min. to 10.2 m3 / min.
Top loading, through the upper covers, hole diameter 450 mm.


  • The axes are installed on the SAF Intradisc Integral CD pneumatic subsystem
  • Front axle - Lifting
  • The braking system uses components - WABCO
  • It is possible to install Alcoa aluminum disks
  • Brake system of Disk or Drum type
  • BWP or Osman-Koch axes are available
  • Acceptable load on the axle is 9 tons
  • The size of the tires is 386 / 65mm R 22.5
  • Disc material - Steel