3-axle semi-trailer for transportation of bulk cargoes – cement carrier


3-axle semitrailer Cement transporter for transportation of bulk cargo

The tank is made in a volume from 25 m3 to 40 m3 and above.
The form of the tank is V-Type.

Material Chassis – aluminum Alcoa or analog.
Material Flasks – Alcoa Aluminum or similar, wall thickness 5.25 mm.
Compressors are optionally available with both diesel and electric drives.
The capacity of compressors from 7500 m3 / min. up to 10.2 m3 / min.
The top loading, through the top covers, diameter of manholes is 450 mm.


  • Axles are installed on the pneumatic supply of SAF Intradisc Integral CD production
  • ALCOA aluminum disks are available
  • Brake system of Disk or Drum type
  • Tire size 386 / 65mm R 22.5
  • Front axle - Lifting
  • The braking system uses components - WABCO
  • BWP or Osman-Koch axes are available
  • Acceptable load on the axle is 9 tons
  • Disc Material - Steel