3-axle semi-trailer for transportation of food products


3-axle semi-trailer for transportation of food products

Tank made in volume – 30 m3
The production of tanks in volume from 28 m3 to 35 m3 and more is available optionally.
The shape of the tank is cylindrical.
Number of sections: from 1 st to 4 th for customer’s request.
Availability of CIP system cleaning.

Material of flasks – food stainless steel 304.
The thickness of the wall of the flasks from 3 mm to 4 mm at the discretion of the customer.
The thickness of the blades is 4 mm.
Material of the chassis – ST 52 steel.
Frame – sub-carriage, connection of a frame and a bulb on a bolt connection.

Isolation: the material of an insulating layer of mineral wool. Stainless steel outer sheathing.
Optional installation of self-heating Webasto (diesel-electric).

The upper bay, through the upper caps of the neck.
Unloading the bottom, self-propelled. Distribution of a shower in the rear reinforcement cabinet.
Stainless steel technological cabinet.


  • The axes are mounted on the SAF Intradisc Plus Integral CD pneumatic suspension
  • Front axle - Lifting
  • The braking system uses components - WABCO
  • It is possible to install Alcoa aluminum disks
  • BPW axis installation is available
  • Brake system of Disk or Drum type
  • Acceptable load on the axle is 9 tons
  • Tire size: 386 / 65mm R 22.5
  • Disc material - Steel